Welcome to Catxies World

Catxies World is a platform that integrates NFT games, NFT collectibles and decentralized farms. By joining the world of Catxies, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money by farming materials, crafting items and minting NFTs to sell on our Marketplace.

Currently the game is in Alpha state and will be available only for 1000 players; to be able to play before everyone else and support the game you need to own a Founder Pass from OpenSea.


 Catxies World has multiple game modes like farming, survival, adventure and more to be released. The fun is endless.


New economy model where you are rewarded with a NFT for playing instead of Cryptocurrency, earn money by selling your NFTs on the marketplace.


Be part of an exclusive community of Catxies owners and meet new people to have fun and  party together at your Catxie House.


Catxies will have Limited Edition Collectibles; the base model of Catxies will have skins inspired by other important games like Axie Infinity or any other game on the blockchain to honor and feature them into our game.

Make sure you own a limited edition NFT and hold it to increase its value over time.

Catxies Elders Collection

This collection will only have 2 items, one being Nyelee the Ethereal a mighty character that represents the Good side, owner of this NFT not only have a Valuable piece of art but also becomes a Shareholder of Catxies World Game, with 5% share this NFT will generate a monthly income while being hold. If the owner is not only a investor but also a player will play a role on the game as it can bless other players.

Catxies Origin Collection

Some of the Limited Edition NFT feature in-game bonuses; for example, the Origin Collection features skins inspired by Axie Infinity. Holders of this collection will own a unique house, get CWC Token and earn 5% royalties of in-game coins from players completing specific job related to their NFT, making it very valuable as there are just 6 of them.

Second Generation Catxies

The descendants of the Origin Collection, keeping the same Theme as Origins, these cute cats got skins inspired in Axie Infinity. Ten Catxies handcrafted by 3D model making them a 1/1 Art. Holders will have bonus 20% to 50% in-game Coins and get CWC tokens as Gift.

Catxies World Collection 01

The first procedurally generated collection, limited edition, owners of this NFT collection will have 5% bonus in-game coins when playing Catxies World.

Game modes

Some of the game modes will give you the chance to earn Cat coins; those coins can be used to buy items from other players, mint new NFT, improve your house, get valuables and much more. Destroy monsters on the field to earn rewards and experience; work together with friends and multiply your chance of rewards!
We work with the desire to create a world where people can have fun while earning NFTs, socialize and meet new people.

Survival Mode

In survival mode your Catxie will be in the forest completely alone. It is up to you to find Food, make a shelter and find the necessary resources to build tools that will help you spend the nights and gather more resources.

Each night you survive brings new challenges that you have to overcome.  Be aware of the evil creatures that lurk in the dark!

You will get 1 cat coin for every night you survive in this mode.


Farm Mode

In farm mode you own land where you can grow plants and obtain food and material that you will use to craft other products. You can also earn coins by selling your products or gain experience by donating them to the town.

Leveling up your Farm skill can offer you better crops, less chance of misfortune, better quality dishes, and much more.


Adventure Mode

In adventure mode you make your way through the forest and in dungeons eliminating the forces of evil. The more you advance, the more difficult the fight will be; your skills and equipment will be your best ally when playing in this mode. So, get a good armor that helps in your defense, weapons that enhance your attack and talismans that protect you from spells and curses.

There will be chests that you can open and get cat coins.


The Play-2-Own model

We don’t rely on the play-to-earn model that many games use. At Catxie World, we want to build a community that is fun and fair. We believe that play-to-own model provides just that!

When you play Catxies World you will earn in-game currency called Cat Coins, these coins will have multiple functions in the game such as upgrades, repair items and more.

You can use the Cat Coins to mint a random NFT! buy a Loot chest and it will contain items of different rarity and traits that will help you in-game.

Got a rare NFT? lucky you! if you wish you can keep it and use it or you can also sell it in Catxies World marketplace or by OpenSea and get a return on your investment.

As you can see, play-to-own model relies on your skill as a player and an entrepreneur rather than how much money you can dump in the game!

Catxies World Coin is a Governance token, it will give you vote on the development of the game.

While Cat Coin is a in-game only currency that you earn by doing the daily quests and you can use it to buy a loot chest to get a NFT.

CWC Token

Catxies World Coin (CWC) is a governance token; it will give you vote on all the Catxies World decisions, it can’t be earned from the game but it can be acquired through exchanges and private sales. 

Be part of the development! Holders will have the right to vote Yes or No on Catxies World Development decisions, the game is build for the community and also ruled by the community. 

Total Supply

500.000.000 CWC

Token Status

IDO coming soon

Our Roadmap

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Q1 2023

Frequently Asked Questions.

Catxies World was originally intended just as NFT collection but later by request of people that liked the characters and the idea we make it to be a game project with base on web3 and using the same art as the first NFT collection and now is a platform that integrates NFT games, NFT collectibles and decentralized farming.

We started creating the first Catxie NFT on July of 2021 and started publishing it on OpenSea around September. Since then, we had been creating a small community of supporters that help us to progress and build the idea and we had been growing since then.

We are on early stage with an expected first release on 1 to 2 months, launching with farm mode first.

We have collected funds for the project only from NFT sales, small investments and donations. We used the funds to develop the game and we are collecting more to finish our token

Yes, the token is called Catxie World Coin or CWC, is a governance token; it will give holders a vote on all the Catxies World decisions, it can’t be earned from the game but it can be acquired through exchanges, ICO and public sales, the utility of this coin is to earn an extra income from stacking and shilling.

The collections are Catxies with a particular theme, we take the base of our character model and dress it with the selected theme, this can be characters of other games like Axie infinity for example (or any game that allow us to do the art under the fan art clausule or by permission with royalties), and make it look like a mix between both worlds. We plan to release new collections with different themes over time and limited editions.

Catxies world is not a single game but a hub of multiple games like: Farm, Survival, Adventure and Town. The users can play any of these games anytime and being so different from each other makes it hard to get bored.

No, we use a play-to-own model, this means when someone plays Catxie World will earn in-game currency by doing daily missions (this can be for example, collect 50 carrots on farm mode, kill 20 ogres on adventure mode or survive 5 days on survival mode) the user will get rewarded with certain amount of gold, that can be exchanged to Cat coins (200 gold x 1 Cat coin).


Cat coin is not a cryptocurrency but is a NFT, a simple image of a coin but it holds great utility, this coin can be sold on marketplaces like Opensea so the player will get an income for the time invested on the game and will be paid with a stable coin instead of the project token CWC.

If we treat a play-to-earn game ecosystem as any local business, for it to stay open for business and be sustainable, the inflow and outflow of money need to at least balance each other. This is where we believe the play-to-earn model is a bubble, because its focus on “to earn” attracts a large number of similar-minded players who creates massive outflow pressure. The outflow (earnings paid to players) seems to outpace the inflows greatly.

The result of this is the token of the game being fully drained until the liquidity of the project is going down to the unsustainable levels and the project then dies, making a big loss to those who don’t reach the ROI or reinvested when it was too late.

In play-to-own model, when you play, you will get rewarded with an item instead of the project token, this is because any digital item acquired by the player always carries a tangible value as it can be liquidated in a marketplace or in a peer-to-peer transaction, the price of the items is set by the game community and this way the economy is driven by the players. When a player sells a digital item on a market, will earn a income on a stable coin where there is no danger of draining the project liquidity.

For this to work there is some things to take into consideration but the main idea is that the item the player will sell is something that others need to buy to use it on the game, this way there is a balance between the offer and the demand.

At Catxie World, we want to build a community that is fun and fair. We believe that play-to-own model provides just that!

A player can buy loot chests of 3 class: Normal, Gold and Diamond, each class having different level of rarity of items and stats, these items can be tools like Axes, pickaxes, hoe, hunting bow, gardening scissors, fishing rods some of them to be used on Farm mode and others on Survival mode or can also get equipment like swords, shields, armors, talismans for the Adventure mode. All of these items have a duration value so the more you use it will be decreasing its duration and when reached to 0 it will be unusable and burned so you might want to get another one or repair it but to a maximum of 7 times.


Let’s try to explain the process the most as possible, from the point of view of a player:

You play on Catxies World, there you have 3 games modes to select depending on what you want to play, let’s say the player choose farm mode, in this mode you own a land where you can grow all kind of plants and trees. You can obtain crops and material that you will use to craft other products or food recipes that you need to complete a series of quests, is a mechanics that you can see on most of the games on farming but our game will have some extra features as random blessings of luck (Getting a rare and more valuable crop, x2 crops, less time to harvest, etc.) and misfortunes (extra time to harvest, lost crops, less valuable crop, etc.), when you complete a quest you will get gold as reward, there will be 5 daily quests with different level of difficulty to get the required item so at first the players will be able to do 2 of them but as they progress they will unlock the means to do the other 3 and making more gold by day, in this example the player were able to do today 300 gold by completing 3 daily quests.

Now the player moves to Adventure mode, in this mode make your way through the forest and in dungeons eliminating the forces of evil. The more you advance, the more difficult the fight will be, your skills and equipment will be your best ally when playing in this mode, so get a good armor that helps in your defense, use weapons that enhance your attack and talismans that protect you from spells and curses. The player was able to complete 3 more daily quests by eliminating specific monsters on the game and got 300 more gold along with some crafting materials.

To finish the day the player now goes to Survival mode, in this mode you will be in the forest completely alone. It is up to you to find Food, shelter and the necessary resources to build tools that will help you spend the nights to come.

Gather materials to make tools to be able to collect wood and other resources; build a camping tent and light a fire that will protect you from the cold and the dark beasts that roam in the forest. Take advantage of the day light to gather what you need or safely withdraw if you want. Each night you spend in the forest will attract more dangers to your camp, making your task more and more difficult. Perish and you will lose all the material you have gathered; safely withdraw from the forest and keep the materials plus coins for each day you survive, the maximum play time will be 10 in-game days. The player in this example survived 4 days and got 400 coins as reward and some wood and materials for crafting.

So, after all the player got 1000 coins from the day, he can now go to the main menu and exchange the gold into Cat coins in a rate of 200 gold x 1 Cat coin, so the player ended up getting 5 Cat coins, what he can do with these Cat coins?

  1. With Cat coins when you withdraw it to your wallet (Paying the gas fee) you can use it to pay for a Loot chest instead of paying with Matic (50 Cat coins x 1 Normal chest, 100 Cat coins x 1 Gold chest, 200 Cat coins x 1 Diamond chest), so the player had some Cat coins on the wallet and decided to buy a Gold chest and got lucky to get an Epic rarity level Axe with good stats! Proceed to list it on OpenSea and put a price for it, for example 100$ USD as is a high tier item based on the rarity level and stats, when someone buy it will get the money in ETH from OpenSea instead of getting it from the project liquidity.
  2. The player can also instead Sell the Cat coins on OpenSea, where other players will be interested to buy it depending of the price set by the seller.
  3. Can use the Cat coins to repair an item, last month the player got a cool legendary pickaxe and has been of great help gathering resources but the duration is now at 0 after a month of work, the user can burn some Cat coins to repair the pickaxe and return the duration to the maximum again.
  4. Use the Cat coins to enhance items, you can upgrade your items with a Plus (+1 to +9) each plus will enhance the stats of the item and make it more productive.
  5. Exchange it with another person for other in-game items, players can withdraw to their wallet’s other resources of the game like Farm crops, minerals, wood, etc. and this way they can exchange it with other players for Cat coins or sell it on secondary markets like OpenSea for ETH.

At Catxies world you will play to earn NFT items and resources and earn an income for the time you expended playing the game, in a safe coin as Ethereum instead of absorbing the liquidity of the project as usually happen in Play-to-earn games where players lose hope to find a game that they will enjoy long term and now people say “We have to be the first and withdraw fast the money before the project dies” having now the concept that Web3 games are most of them scams or projects with low duration.

Yes, when you buy a Catxie Avatar NFT you will get a collectible that will increase the value over time as the floor price rises and also you will be getting an in-game bonus, normally these bonuses are 5% more gold, 10% more gold, 20% more gold to 50% more gold depending of the NFT you own. There is also some unique Catxies that are promotional for the launch where people, for example Origin Collection is a set of 6 unique edition Catxies and owners will get 5% of Tax on gold from every player that do a quest related to the kind of job, this means the Owner of “Aquatic” Catxie will get gold from every player that do fishing quests, having a passive and steady income of gold that can convert to ETH at the end, making it of great utility and very valuable.

The CWC is a utility token that you can use in the stacking to earn income over time, have a vote on the project decisions and trade it. There is a Supply of 500M coins where 50% will be locked for at least 3 years to protect the liquidity pool, 200M will be for sale and 50M will be divided into the project for investors, development, marketing, etc. with a vesting of 5% monthly to avoid high dips.

The game and the NFT sales will provide liquidity to the coin:

  1. When a players buy a chest with Matic, 50% will go to the liquidity of CWC.
  2. When a player withdraws Cat coins to the wallet, the fee will go to liquidity of CWC.
  3. When a player sells a NFT on OpenSea, the 5% of royalties from the sale will go to the liquidity of CWC.
  4. When a player deposits a resource or Cat coin that just bought from OpenSea, the fee to transfer it from the wallet to the game will go to the liquidity of CWC.

Also as usual like other coins the CWC liquidity will be increased with the exchange and stacking of it, with the market cap.

Catxies World got its own token however we don’t use the funds from the token for the initial development of our game. To get funds for the development we rely on NFT sales and passes or tickets that give supporters priority to our project.

Currently the game is in Alpha state v1 and will be available only for 1000 players, to be able to play before everyone else. To support the game, you need to own a Founder Pass from OpenSea. This is our way to control how many people enter to the game servers without stressing it and giving us time to scale the resources to accommodate new players with the time.

This pass will grant you access to the alpha and beta test of Catxie World Game, plus many in-game gifts and a badge alongside your name to indicate you are part of the Founders.

The founder pass has a cost of just 0.0035 ETH and is a collectible NFT.

We will also create a Streamer pass so any content creator can Join the game and review it, we will make a collaboration to gift some passes for subscribers.

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Open Plains Studios We want to feature awesome artists every week to make sure you find those hidden gems on the NFT world and talk a little about their visions, to inaugurate this section we want to start with Open Plains Studios a Digital Artist / Photographer / NFT

Open Plains Studios
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Featured Catxies Team Members

Luis Sirit

Co-Founder and Graphic Designer

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